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Making as designing.  Making that takes in consideration the many implications of urbanity, community building, reuse, economics, and risk taking. Making the impossible, possible. Making to connect and provide. Making as a collective responsibility to each other. Making for humanity.

To Make Make is to emphasize, to exaggerate the process of making itself. Making the real and really making it. Always shifting, questioning and debating.


We are architects, thinkers, citizens, black, female, urbanists, and teachers. We lead businesses because that is how we make change.

Gary Bates and Anna Bates

Founders, Principals in Charge

Gary Bates, RA, leads firms across architecture, technology, and design. Upon returning to the United States, he co-founded Make
Make as a new model of practice where the collective matters, and, as a Black architect, to elevate the profession with
contributions from diverse voices. His commitment to architecture and its future engages Gary in different roles: an
architect addressing complex urban projects, a professor teaching to learn and broaden perspectives, and a curator
bringing new ideas together. In addition to leading all the Make Make projects, Gary teaches at Columbia University and
continues his leadership of SPACEGROUP in Oslo.

Anna Bates, with Make Make as in all her ventures, starts with a belief that “design is not only what is seen, but what’s
experienced.” Prior to becoming a designer, Anna worked as an art director across advertising, art, and entertainment.
The breadth of her creative background infuses her vision for designing places, spaces and objects that communicate
boldly and to the broadest public. Her most recent work includes Zuzeum, a museum and art center in Latvia, and the
book and exhibit INCEPTION, which reframes the concept of inspiration and authorship through the additive lenses of 111
notable architects worldwide. Anna is also the owner and leader of ANNVIL, an architecture and design office based in
Riga, Latvia.