An unpreceded public road infrastructure project to create 59 pitstops across the four busiest motorways in Azerbaijan leading to Georgia, Russia and Iran, as well as the tourist destination Gabala in the northern part of Azerbaijan. Pitstops aim to provide resting and catering services, as well as tourist information for travelers to facilitate tourism and mobility.


During the course of the project, Annvil delivered a map of prospective Pitstop locations, taking into account the road load, current availability of infrastructure, locations of existing commercial objects and tourist information providers for each route. An optimal choice of pavilion type for each location was then determined, based on four different climate zones within Azerbaijan and taking into special account the wild bird migration routes near the Caspian Sea.

Pitstops are modular and, depending on the specifics of the area, can range from just a shelter and toilet facilities to a complex that includes an information center, shop, cafe, kitchen and a resting area. At the same time, all 59 Pitstops are united by a recognizable design and the straightforward communication of their function to travelers.